I-Training has a third “I”

I’ve added another “I”

i pngI-Training has primarily focused on two “I’s”: International teaching & Internet resourcing.

I have traveled to ten countries (some several times) and trained church leaders in churches, conferences, Bible colleges and seminaries. Follow up has occurred through the internet as I have provided resources (many self-developed) via email, websites, Google+ and Skype.

All of this has been fruitful and fulfilling. I am so excited that God has placed me in a ministry that has impacted so many lives. I get to equip wonderful leaders who are actively evangelizing, planting churches and discipling believers. I wish I could sit down with you and tell you numerous real life stories. God is doing a great work!

But now there is a third “I”: Interim pastorates. This isn’t something I pursued, but when opportunities came to me, I prayed about them and am now in my second one. The first was in La Quinta, CA. God blessed and the church grew. Now I am in Tierresanta, CA at a church that went through a tragic split. I love the people and it is slowly turning around (another item for your prayer list).

Interim picture

Ron VGCC sign

Doing an occasional interim serves two purposes. First, I love the local church and it gives me some time to serve in the sphere of church revitalization. Secondly, it helps financially. As missionaries, Jodi and I haven’t been able to raise adequate support. So adding another stream of income helps. This only has part-time pay so it doesn’t replace my need for financial support. With both churches, there was an understanding that I would still be able to take mission trips and continue the other ministries of I-Training.


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