IT Christmas ornament


On our Christmas tree, there is an ornament in the shape of a globe. It reminds us of when Christ hung on a tree due to His love for the world.

The mission God gave His followers is to reach this world for Him. That is what we (you and us together) are doing through the ministry of I-Training.

Jodi and I want to thank you for partnering with us in this global outreach.

“I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now” (Phil. 1:3-5).

Five years ago I became a missionary when I became the director of I-Training. In this ministry I travel around the world and train pastors and church leaders and then use a variety of internet resources to resource them when I get home. Please go to my website ( to get a lengthier description of this ministry.

If you have been following this ministry for a while, you know that I have ministered in about ten countries. Along with my primary role of teaching in training centers, Bible colleges and seminaries, I have been active doing evangelism, ministering in churches, working one-on-one with leaders, and writing books and resources.

The multiplication aspect of this ministry is exciting. I train key leaders in the Bible and ministry strategies and they, in turn, take that material and use it with other leaders and churches. The reports that I continually get are rewarding. In some of the most spiritually dark places in our world, disciples are being made and churches are being planted in record numbers. God is using our investments to bear abundant fruit. Thank you for the part you have played!

This year I have taught nine courses in Asia and Mexico. The most memorable trip was to Nepal. I and my son, Luke, went right after their devastating earthquakes. Thousands of people were killed and homes, buildings and churches were destroyed. So along with teaching, we were able to provide counseling, preaching and bring financial help for earthquake relief. Our part was small compared to all that the national church leaders are doing. In Mexico, our School of Church Leadership (directed by my cousin, Gary Sheveland) has expanded to four satellite campuses. A fifth will be added next month. It was great making multiple trips to these various sites all over the country.

For two years I have also been helping the wonderful people at Vista Grande Community Church as their Interim Pastor. I anticipate that I will be able to complete that mission in the very near future.

IT Christmas ornament Sheveland

Family Updates:

Along with being an amazing wife and mother, Jodi serves as the administrator of I-Training and a part-time secretary at a local church. Luke is the Youth Pastor at Church for Family in Beaumont, CA and supplements his income doing custodial work at another church. Jessica is in her final year of high school. She is busy with her many friends and attends two youth groups each week. Outside of breaking my shoulder in March (slow recovery is still progressing), we have enjoyed physical and spiritual health. God has blessed us abundantly.

Please pray about continuing to support us with your prayers and financial gifts. This year we were able to graduate to the status of being an independent non-profit organization. Although we still have the endorsement of Converge SW, we are now able to have donations given directly to I-Training. This enables us to have closer contact with our donors and also direct all giving to our ministry without any administration fees being taken out.

We have found that our biggest gifts come at the end of the year. That helps us save up for future trips and outreaches. If you could help us during this Christmas season, it would really be a great blessing. Checks can be made out to “I-Training” and sent directly to our address. if you would like to give through the mail. Internet giving is also an option. Please visit our website ( for simple directions. Here is the specific page:

We pray that God gives you a very Merry Christmas! Here is a picture of our family taken during last year’s celebration. Thanks again for all you have done in the past. Your prayers, encouragement and generous gifts are deeply appreciated!

Rejoicing in Christ,

Ron & Jodi

Ron, Jodi, Luke and Jessica Sheveland


Thank you for your gifts to this mission. You can give electronically here or through the other options listed in the Giving folder.