Autlan & Guadalajara

yellowdot gray backgroundI, and my teaching partner Dr. Clanton Johnson, recently taught courses in Autlan and Guadalajara, Mexico. The translator was Nick Brough and the coordinator was Gary Sheveland. It was my job to teach “How to Study the Bible” and “Understanding the Epistles.” We worked with some wonderful students and ministry partners (see pictures below). I did promise the classes that digital copies of the outlines and PowerPoints would be provided. They are available in English and Spanish. You can download them here:

Notas y powerpoints del Nuevo Testamento

Epistles Outline ENGLISH

Epístolas del Nuevo Testamento Spanish Outline

How to Study the Bible ENGLISH

Cómo Estudiar la Biblia Spanish Outline

Epistle Powerpoint Understanding the Epistles (English)

Entendiendo el Nuevo Testamento Powerpoint


NUEVAENCUESTATESTAMENTO2  La Evangelios, Hechos, Apocalipsis

Water was drawn from many wells to prepare this material. My appreciation goes to those who shared their content.

Here are some pictures

Nic pic 6

Guad class photo

Guad class

Gary and class

Nick and Chip teaching

Ron and class 2

Pastor Carlos

Nic pic 3

Nic pic 1


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