Merry Christmas!


Christmas is almost here! Our tree is up and its limbs are hovering over a pile of presents. We are excited for Christmas Sunday when our church will host a concert by our dear friends, Amy Shreve and Gary Wixtrom. My Christmas sermon on the Song of Simeon is complete and I just need to create a powerpoint presentation. My kids will roll into town on Sunday afternoon and then we’ll have our family Christmas celebration on Christmas morning. Later in the week, we’ll join others from the bigger Sheveland clan in San Diego. It is all filled with fun and joy. And the greatest thing is that our hearts are filled with the presence of God. Our hearts will forever cradle the Savior!

    I hope 2017 was a wonderful year for you. I am grateful for God’s blessings this year. I became the pastor of Anaheim Baptist Fellowship, a small church in Anaheim, CA. The next time you visit Disneyland, please reserve a Sunday morning for coming and visiting us at our church. We are only about 15 minutes away from Disney and although they think they are the happiest place on earth, we disagree! We enjoy the joy of the Lord! That is big-time happiness!
  One reason I chose to come to this church is because they would allow me to continue my ministry as the director of I-Training. The church gets the bulk of my time and energies, but I continue to make mission trips, develop and distribute resources, and do internet coaching with leaders around the world. In the coming months I will be teaching two courses in Mexico and one in Nepal. I am especially excited to go back to Kathmandu where I will once again minister in churches and teach at the Himalayan Graduate School of Theology. As one of their adjunct professors, I have taught there many times in the past.
   Jodi is staying very busy. Not only does she help administratively with I-Training but she’s also an active pastor’s wife and a part-time administrative assistant at BIOLA University. Our son Luke is a bi-vocational youth pastor at Church For Family in Beaumont, CA, and and daughter Jessica is a student at Crafton Hills Community College and a seasonal employee at Forest Home Bible Conference.
     I want to thank you for your support of I-Training this year. Once I went from being full-time with I-Training to part-time, support dropped off and that was expected and respected. Some continue to give monthly while others give to projects like trip costs. Others of you simply support us with your prayers and encouragement. Whatever you do, please know that you are greatly appreciated. If you wish to contribute an end-of-the-year gift, please go to our GIVING PAGE  for simple directions.
   Please let me know if there is any way that I can pray for you or serve you. Or if you just want to catch up, please call me at 909-67-9023.
  Let’s all recommit ourselves to the Lord and the world He loves so much. It is amazing to think of all He wants to do in us and through us!


Enjoying God and Sharing that Joy with Others,

Dr. Ron Sheveland
Director of I-Training Ministries



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