International Teaching


I-Training exists to partner with existing international networks with the goal of providing Biblical and ministerial training to pastors and church leadership. Many of these leaders live in restricted access countries. In the past I have taught in Sri Lanka (the picture shows me preaching with 2 translators there), Singapore, Miramar, Nepal, Russia, Austria, the Ivory Coast, England, and many regions in Mexico. I have treasured these trips and now look forward to doing international training full time. 

(The video shows clips of Dr Rick Griffith and I ministering in Sri Lanka and Singapore) Asia Trip 002

We are working with various proven ministries overseas. Many trips are on the way. Though the prime target is the foreign field, I will also be providing limited aid to stateside churches and church plants. To that degree the ministry has a “glocal” flavor. For example, I just finished a two year Interim Pastorate at Vista Grande Community Church in Tierrasanta. We had an arrangement that allowed me to continue to make trips while I was there.

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