I-Training is a ministry that allows us to train pastors and church leaders around the world. The “I” in I-Training refers to two things: International and Internet. That is, we do our training directly through International Mission Trips and via computers through Internet courses and the distribution of books and resources. Due to the Covid crisis, we are now doing more classes over Zoom.

If you are one of our past students, let me tell you how much you are appreciated. We have done hundreds of courses around the globe in seminaries, Bible colleges, churches and training centres, and each of them has been special. We get to spend a few weeks giving you training in the Bible and ministry methods, and then you go out faithfully to serve God in carrying out the Great Commission. We love to hear about what God is doing through you. Please keep sending us updates!

And if you are part of our ministry partners, we are so grateful for your prayers and financial support. Your participation is exciting and encouraging. Together we are investing in God’s fields and seeing a great harvest. May God bless you richly!