New Transition

Ron and Jodi Sheveland have moved back to their home state of Michigan. They now live in Whitehall, Michigan. They have purchased an old (1876!) white church. One wing is being transformed into their home. The auditorium and fellowship hall will be used for ministry purposes.

Ron’s hit that age where he can officially retire. And though he has stepped away from pastoring, the work with I-Training continues. For example, in November and December, he will be teaching a six-week course in Nepal on the life of Christ and the art of doing hermeneutics in New Testament narrative passages. This will all be done over Zoom every Tuesday and Thursday for three hours. The host is the Himalayan Graduate School of Theology. Ron has taught there in person several times but this is his second Zoom course with this excellent seminary.

He is also busy writing new books and creating video courses. Please be patient; these projects are ongoing. You can, however, find some of his past books on

Here is a picture of Ron and Jodi’s new church/home: