Sample Class

From September 28 through October 9, 2020, The Himalayan Graduate School of Theology conducted an internet course on the subject of leadership principles from the book of Nehemiah. The classes met Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (6 days) at 6-9 pm, Nepali time. The class wase taught via Zoom and pre-prepared videos.

The Nehemiah Model gives proven principles from the book of Nehemiah that demonstrate how leaders can be used by God to mobilize people and resources to carry out extraordinary causes for His glory. But more than that, it shows the kind of God-reliant faith that appropriates the Lord’s power and provisions. Together we will discover how to accomplish the tasks that God has given to Christians and churches.  The first half of Nehemiah shows how God used him to accomplish a great project; the second shows him utilized in a great awakening. I call these two sections The Nehemiah Model of Successful Leadership (Nehemiah 1-7) and The Nehemiah Model of Spiritual Leadership (Nehemiah 8-13).

The pages below provide information and resources.