Internet Resourcing

Along with the staggering need for Bible training, the cost of merely printing Biblical education resources is expensive. In-country warehouses and delivery networks to distribute the materials add additional cost, expose many to danger, and provide the risk of wholesale confiscation.

Internet resourcing is one solution. There are approximately 270 million computers in Christian use worldwide. New technologies such as CD-ROMs, DVD’s, and Web-based classrooms now provide opportunities to dramatically reduce costs and danger, and at the same time provide opportunities for Biblical training that is more engaging and effective than traditional paper.

The internet provides an efficient and relatively inexpensive link to people around the world. We offer books, resources, articles, and podcasts. Through network relationships, I-Training already has about fifteen books and numerous resources available for distribution. These are in addition to the books and tools written by Ron Sheveland. Skype and email are also being used for continued coaching and counseling. Whole courses have been taught over the web using Zoom and soon we hope to add further on-line courses.