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Discover Your Personal Mission explains a Biblical process that will help you discover your particular ministry niche. God has a wonderful adventure waiting for you; don’t miss it! The Creator has designed and equipped you to be fruitful and fulfilled in a unique mission He has hand-picked just for you.

The Perfect Gift is a ten-chapter book co-written by Ron Sheveland and Robert Laidlaw. It gives head-and-heart reasons for why you will want to accept God’s gift of eternal life and includes a simple description on how to do so.

Baptism & Communion— Appreciating God’s Artistry. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are two stunning pictures painted by the Master Artist. Due to disagreements within the Christian Church as to the nature of these symbols, we sometimes allow the debate to sidetrack us from gazing at their enormous beauty.  BAPTISM & COMMUNION is a short book that clearly explains the Biblical issues but then goes on to explore many of the facets of God’s artistry displayed whenever a baptism or communion service takes place.

Returning Home—An Old Testament Christmas Story describes the drama and message of the book of Ruth and details its connection with the Christmas story. In the sweep of redemptive history, Ruth paves the way for the coming Christ child and contains a number of picturesque types of the Savior. Just as the book of Ruth prepared the way for the coming Christmas story, it can also prepare you for Christmas. You will learn how to overcome your hurts or burdens and experience a “Merry” Christmas. Dr. Ron Sheveland combined his skills as a novelist and professor to write an inspirational book that blends vivid story-telling with biblical accuracy.

This is an audio version of the first chapter of “RETURNING HOME: An Old Testament Christmas Story.” This book is a dramatically told devotional commentary on the Old Testament book of Ruth. The birth of a child in Bethlehem has a link to Christ’s birth in Bethlehem many years later.

Below is an image of more books. Besides his books, there are numerous helpful papers on different subjects.