International Teaching

I-Training exists to partner with existing international networks with the goal of providing Biblical and ministerial training to pastors, church leaders, and their people. Many of the leaders live in restricted-access countries. In the past I have taught in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Miramar, Nepal, Russia, Austria, the Ivory Coast, England, and many regions in Mexico. And there are always more trips are on the horizon.

We provide training and resources to churches and Christian leaders around the world. Teaching is done primarily through international trips and resourcing is provided through the internet.

This ministry is aimed at one of the greatest needs in world missions. In many strategic places in our world, an evangelistic wave has resulted in thousands and thousands of new converts and churches. God is doing a great work! But there is a dire shortage of trained pastors and Christian leaders.

Mission agencies are making urgent pleas for help! Without addressing this need, churches will be built on weak biblical foundations, false doctrines may be introduced by cults, and the evangelistic momentum will be weakened.

Key alliances with existing global mission agencies provide channels, and expertise while doing international training trips. These are proven ministries with proven experience.

Due to the explosive growth of Christianity in certain regions of the world, the need for trainers of international church leaders is great and these agencies are requesting more workers. I have already been offered more trips than I can take.

This is not a fly-in fly-out information dump. Our global ministry partners are using systematic ministry systems and the nurture of national leaders to assure that there is on-going application and multiplication.